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BUILDING BACKLINKS – why is it so important to build so many of these backlinks? For starters, we should all be aware that backlinks are the single most important factor that influence the inbound traffic into your site, as well as the ‘TRP’ ratings of your site. By TRP, we mean the Search Engine Ranking of your site.
The next question that arises is that why should someone bother increasing their Search Engine Ranking. The fact is that higher is your Search Engine Ranking, the higher your site features on a particular search result page.
The next question is that if one still has a large number of backlinks coming naturally to his site, should he still go all out to increase the number of backlinks, the answer being yes. There is no substitute to the number of backlinks that you can have.
Maximizing your backlinks doesn’t mean you indulge in clandestine means to achieve the same result. These methods include inter linking (or what we call link farms), buying backlinks in a bunch, linking to spam sites and many other illegal methods, because once you are caught, the reputation of your site goes down tremendously.
The best and the easiest (and cheapest) way to increase the number of backlinks would be to register your names in directories. It not only increases your Search Engine Ranking, but also helps woo potential visitors.
You can also try some sites which provide free backlinks. What you would be thinking is, why these sites would want to feature your content. The thing being, these people need content, and you need publicity. So it’s a profitable situation for all.
Sometimes, releasing press releases carrying newsworthy articles can get you a great number of backlinks, the bottom line being that you can get some good backlinks.

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  1. I didn’t know about the TRP, thank you for the article

    Comment by freemovies — January 25, 2008 @ 7:44 pm

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