Make Money With CraigsList

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wow, I made a  whole $12.00….


So here goes my story on this new venture for me, trying to make a clean buck with CraigsList:

 I only made $12.00,  from 1 sale. My ads got deleted over night, so I gave up.

Here is a picture I used in my ads as a hyperlink to my affiliate link:




Notice anything?


It is $101.00 bill…lol


I will be trying again tonight and report back tomorrow.


Bad Bad Bad News For Adwords Users

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Here comes the NEW POLICY from Google.

Google adwords has now changed its policy and would only allow the users who run their ad campaign to use the same display and destination url…

If you ask me, this is a little bit disturbing, as the destination url can no longer be hidden.

Any comments? Do you think this will change anything as to how you run your ads?

Will this affect affiliate marketing?

Comments are welcomeAwesome Pic

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