How About This:::::: FREE DOMAIN 100000%

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For the next month , I will be giving away A FREE DOMAIN.



Rules and Regulations:

1. All Domains are registered at godaddy and have at least 3 months left on registration ( some over a whole year left).

2. Domains are “as is”, meaning there is no site attached to them.

 3. What is required of you: share a story ( must be unique, I will be checking) about your online experience, maybe the ups and downs of online marketing, affiliates marketing, tips and tricks…


How do I select a winner? I will post the winner EVERY DAY, based on the EST ( Eastern Standard Time, North America).

You will have to check back see if you won. If you won, just send me your email address and all other info needed and get yourself a FREE DOMAIN.

 Please note that majority of these domains are 1 or 2 keyword domains in the Romanian language, majority of them are .com.


Let the comments begin…