How To Get Traffic From Msn ?

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Msn Search Engine

  • You know its very hard (So hard) to get good traffic from msn or live, now i`m giving you some tips about that
  • 1 _ Links with good anchor text.

    2_ Concentrate on getting inbound links with anchor text consisting of the sought after

    search phrases.

    3_ Choose low-competition search terms.

    Good Luck.

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    How to get your site Indexed Faster in Google

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    How to get your site indexed faster in google <A noob’s Guide>


    I know that there are a lot of bigshots out here who knows how to get their site indexed asap in google,But I would to share my own tutorial on how to get it done faster (as fast as within six hours) for noobs and newbies out here.This method works 100% and if u have got any new ideas feel free to share.Ok here you go

    1) Get the domain and set your site up.I will basically explain this for niche sites as they are the ones that takes time to get indexed…while blogs gets indexed fatser.

    2)Next and the most important step is to add the site to google webmasters.How you do is go to google.com/webmasters and login with your google id and pass,then there will be an option for adding your site…Do that!!

    3)Next step is verifying the site,use the file that google gives you and verify your site!!

    4)Next and the most important step is adding sitemap to your site.This is done by creating a sitemap using a sitemap creator tool or if you know how to write xml code then you can do that in that way as well.I recommend you to use http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ as they are free and safe!!

    5)Once the sitemap is created and added make sure u confirm them in the google webmaster account page..(You will find a tab for sitemap,just go inside it and put the url of your sitemap and confirm)!! If you have any doubts with sitemaps you can always PM me…I will do whatever I can!!

    6)Next step is equally important and this is very effective….Add your new site to your DP signature and sitepoint signature as well and try to actively participate in conversations and other forum activities (dont spam the forums,that is a retard work)!!

    7)At last submit your site to popular social bookmarking sites like digg and propeller with any of your popular articles!! If you have some money you could opt in for Sb services that are available in the services forum!!

    This is how I usually do for getting my site indexed,it works like a charm and this work wont take more than fifteen minutes for you to perform!!Even my latest site about health got indexed in five hours!!