Google Algorithm. It is Confusing

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         Google is by far the most popular and efficient search engine that is in operation today. But have you ever thought about the inherent factor that can be termed as the cause for Google’s phenomenal success. The most important factor behind Google’s popularity is its very efficient PAGERANK algorithm, which actually helps you find that elusive page from a collection of over 25 billion web pages.



               The aspect that differentiates an effective search engine from a decent one is its ability to rank the pages , that contain the matched text, in a proper order of relevance for the end user. Almost all search engines can do the text matching effectively, but its only Google that gives you the most relevant search results upfront.

So let’s find out the secret behind the success of this whole Google algorithm, that has been the stepping stone for Google’s success. First a little history. This algorithm was designed by BRIN and PAGE in 1998. This was the time when the internet boom was really taking off.



               The first step is to match the text. In this respect, all the keywords should be in the first few lines of the web page or in the title tag (which carries a lot of weightage). Once all the pages containing the keywords are identified, the all-important task of ranking them needs to be performed.



             This is done using the copyrighted PAGERANK algorithm. This algorithm works on the incoming links that a site has. But at the same time, it also takes into account the popularity of the site from where this link is inbound. This is where the beauty of PAGERANK lies.

So, if your incoming links are from sites having high Page Rank, it further boosts your PAGERANK. Also, the contribution of each inbound link also takes into account the number of outbound links that the source site has.



           In simple terms, link your site to many pages, preferably pages having high PAGERANKs. But also ensure that these sites do not have too many outbound links. There you have it, SWEET n SIMPLE!!!!