Little Known Trick To Unbann Your Google Domain

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Alright, it has been a while since I have last shared an AdSense trick with the community so here we go. We all know Google does ban domains and sites that AdSense cannot be displayed on. So if I have a domain that Google has banned, the ads won’t show on that domain, but they can appear on other domains that I have in my account. If your account was banned, ads wouldn’t be shown on any of your sites, but when your domain gets banned, then it’s just that domain which the ads won’t be shown on. I’m sure many of you has experienced this before. Here’s the solution:

1. Change whois info of the domain that is banned from AdSense with some new info.
2. Send adsense@google.com a mail saying you’re the new owner of the site (make sure you send this from the e-mail address given in the new whois info of the domain) and that you were unaware the domain was banned from AdSense and kindly request it to be unbanned. They’ll do it. Make sure there is no TOS violation on the site before you send this e-mail though.

Hope it helps (: