Make Money With CraigsList

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wow, I made a  whole $12.00….


So here goes my story on this new venture for me, trying to make a clean buck with CraigsList:

 I only made $12.00,  from 1 sale. My ads got deleted over night, so I gave up.

Here is a picture I used in my ads as a hyperlink to my affiliate link:




Notice anything?


It is $101.00 bill…lol


I will be trying again tonight and report back tomorrow.


Make Money With CraigsList

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         As we all know, CraigsList is one of the most visited sites worldwide. It is visited daily by millions and millions of people.

I have never used CraigsList to make money , nor promote and affiliate link…never.

I will be doing it in the next couple of days , for sure.  I have a plan in place and I must follow it to the “t”, otherwise my adds will be deleted. I just wanted to find a free way to make money online and I think I have something here, not sure yet.


I will keep everybody posted. I will be working on it right away. I will be targeting San Francisco area first for seo services and some affiliate products.