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         Now, for Digg, first of all you can add almost all of your friends from your stumbleupon account to Digg, from my testing it shows that 90% of the members from SU got a Digg account also, you can become friends with them thats good for a start. Other tip around Digg would be to Digg 20-30 stories daily, its very easy just keep digging frontpage stories every time you are free click refresh and if you see new story digg it, leave comment in 1-2 of them, leave constructive comments so you get friend adds and keep this up. Once you have your Digg profile with good amount of Diggs, stumbleupon your own Digg account, and you will get some more friend adds.

How to get tons and tons of Digg?
This is something I been doing since long time ago. I have had great amount of success with trick.

Best way to get on frontpage of Digg is to get 30-40 Diggs within few minutes after the submission. Which can only happen if your story is really amazing and out of this world or if you have tons of friends and you PM them and they all Digg it. Remember I told you, to get ideas from newsletters and stuff and find out what is the news and what is the buzz around? Well this is where it comes into play. You can actually rewrite the stuff that you got in your email and put it in your own blog and then Digg it, if the story is good enough it will get on frontpage and it will get you tons of friend adds also. This works very well if you are a good writer and can re write articles real fast, with pictures and stuff..you can also give the direct link to the site for a while just so you get popular around Digg.

The best way to get to frontpage of Digg without any friends is, to go to www.youtube.com and find videos that got tons of views but never got diggs, al you gotta do then is put the video on your blog and then Digg it, I have had very good success with it, you can even resubmit some of the old videos, just download the famous Digg video, upload it again and Digg it again.

Here are some of my final touches and methods I been using for a long time now. This is the first time I am sharing this method. I am sure you guys will use it and exploit it..

1.Backlink to your Digg profile -> Ya this is my favorite method, build backlinks to your own Digg profile, you can do that through social bookmarking, blog comment. Here is a basic guide.

A.Social Bookmark your Digg account, from all famous websites, or you can pay someone around DP do social bookmark your own Digg profile.

B.Find blogs that can get you an easy backlink by posting a comment, best way is to find blogs in a topic that you are good at. And people usually always allow a link in a comment when they see www.digg.com, but basically you will be leaving backlink to your own Digg account.

C.Create a blog and talk all junk in it, you can get articles from Ezine and change words here and there and upload it to your blogger account. In the bloglink section backlink to your Digg Account with an anchor of your choice. I use my own name lol or random words. Now google might deindex your site if you copy paste ezine stuff so the best way is, to write  5-10 posts by yourself talking totally junk stuff and then in link section link back to your account. You can do this from wordpress, xanga, scribd, hubpages, squidoo and tons more, I cant share all of them but these are few famous ones. To get these blogs crawled just keep pinging them every 24 hours, you can do that by going to www.kping.com, use some of your techniques to get it crawled and indexed I cant share much.You gotta get your Digg account some PR lol..

2. Deadliest METHOD – This is my favorite method. I cannot 100% guarantee that this method still works but I think nobody knows about it and I do not think Digg ever did anything to fix this issue, in fact I think Digg doesnt even think someone would be that PRO to exploit this lol but here it is Just for you people lol —

If you go to your profile and scroll down you can see your account stats, number of Diggs, submits, how many stories you made popular and how many people viewed your account. Now you won’t believe me but you can trigger that number and for some reason people add you as friend and digg your stories if this number is way to high, they think you are famous and you get tons of visits or something. I am not sure how the logic works here but basically if your profile view stats are high people add you in friends and become more friendly with you. Its weird I know but basically its like how many people visited your profile. Now what you can do to get this stats high is actually buy fake traffic and send all the traffic to your Digg URL and in no time you will have thousands and thousands of views. So when people check your profile they will see you got tons of views and this helps for some reason to get easy friends.

Thats it for now. My future guides won’t be free as i am very occupied with university work and other projects. But I will be sending guides and reports once in a while. Not all of them will be free as you know I work hard to come up with these methods.