Google Banned a PR7+++++lol

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Robin Good writes the popular MasterNewMedia blog that enjoys a Google Page Rank of 7 and is also a premium Adsense Publisher. Like most other websites on the planet, this place is monetized by Google Adsense, text links and other direct advertising.

Early this week, Robin realized that his site has been pushed out of Google without warning and all the organic search traffic originating from Google suddenly vanished.

This could be the worst nightmare for any online publisher since Google has, without doubts, the maximum reach. In Robin’s case, Google was responsible for 80% of his site traffic which is now gone.
Initially, he thought the corrupt sitemap file for responsible for Google kicking the site out of the top results but soon realized the culprit was something else – paid links.

Robin has submitted a re-inclusion requested with Google. He makes over $3k per month from Text Link Ads alone but has decided to remove them from his site because it’s an overall loss in the long term.

“I do not suggest you take off text links or stop considering them because they pose a risk of Google penalizing your site. I suggest this because if it doesn’t start from me the being honest and transparent with the system I use to survive this independent publishing game is not going to last very long.”


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  1. Whoops, somebody messed up with Google. 😀
    btw: I can’t see what I am writing in ths for right now, since the color of the text and background is plain white.

    Comment by Watch Weeds Online — April 18, 2008 @ 10:46 pm

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