Plan SEO before Building Your Website

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Summary: A big mistake many make when working to get a web presence for their business is to build and install their website first and do the search engine optimization (SEO) after that. You have to plan your search engine optimization before building your site. This article lists SEO strategy points to consider in your website’s search engine optimization plan.

A big mistake many make when working to get a web presence for their business is to build and install their website first and do the search engine optimization (SEO) after that. Some people will try the search engine optimization on their own and others will seek to hire a search engine optimization consultant yet their website was built with no underlying SEO plan. You have to plan your search engine optimization before building your site. Otherwise you might end up scrapping your website and starting all over. Let’s examine a few points you need to consider before you build your website so that search engine optimization will be considered:

Choose keywords in your search engine optimization strategy. Keywords are the search terms those searching for your product, information, or service will use in a search engine page such as Google. In order to choose the right keywords for search engine optimization, you must do a keyword analysis. The Google Adwords keyword analysis tool is free and can be found at http://adwords.google.com. Basically you navigate to this page, type in your keyword phrase and it does an analysis of how many others use the same phrase to do their searches. It also gives other suggestions for similar keyword phrases in case the one you are targeting is too competitive. You want to use keywords in your web page content that are used in the greatest number of searches by internet users.

Create the content to be used in your search engine optimization strategy. Part of search engine optimization is to create relevant keyword-rich body content for your website once you have decided on keywords. In search engine optimization, you can think of keywords and keyword phrases as what an internet user would type into a search engine such as Google to find sites like yours. The best way to create content for search engine optimization is through copywriting or information articles on the index page of the website. The difficult part is that not everyone is a writer. There are plenty of affordable web content writers on the internet or maybe you have an in-house communications team. Either way, you will want textual articles or copy on your website that uses your chosen keywords a certain percentage of the time. Most people use between 2 and 5 percent keyword density.

Plan your backlinks for your search engine optimization strategy. Search engine crawlers that rank websites will view your site favorably if other websites are pointing back to you. You can think of backlinks as another website giving you a popularity point. The search engines will look even more favorably on your site if that backlink comes from a website that is relevant to yours. To put relevance in perspective, imagine a website for an auto parts store with a link to another website for an auto repair shop. When the search engine crawler sees the link on the auto parts store website to the auto repair shop, it gives greater importance to the auto repair shop because it determines it is relevant and important.

Create web pages the search engine will like. Probably the most important thing to remember when building web pages with search engine optimization in mind is to use keyword-rich and relevant ASCII body text on each page. Keeping this same idea in mind, avoid the over-usage of graphics and Macromedia Flash objects with embedded text as search engine crawlers cannot read these. Make sure that when you build your site that you do not have any links on any pages that are orphaned and point to nowhere. This is a typical mistake made by those in a hurry to get their website up but the search engine crawlers might penalize you for it.


  1. You have raised quite a few interesting points which are worth considering during the design phase of a website. Apart from what you have written, I have personally observed that if a website’s design is based on basic web design concepts, such as proper use of header and meta tags, alt tags for images and proper navigation and site structure, there is little on page SEO that one would have to work upon later.

    Comment by Yogesh — February 1, 2008 @ 3:33 pm

  2. It’s true to say that. I started building my first website not long ago and after having done everything I just realized that the keywords to make up the domain name is too long and is not optimized for SEO. Planning is a must and this will ensure that no complications will arise later to create more problems. However, because I’m still new, I will start again and do everything from scratch. If only I’ve read your article earlier. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Comment by Aspire7 — February 1, 2008 @ 4:26 pm

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