Make money online with Affiliate Marketing

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Make money online with Affiliate Marketing

If you have professional expertise in internet marketing, and think that the money you are earning in your job is less rewarding, then its time you make strategies to make money online. Amongst the many options available to make money online, affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the most impressive ways of website promotion.

All you need is an affiliate website from where you can drive traffic to the merchant’s site. You as an affiliate can make money online through this endeavor when you are rewarded for every visitor or consumer you drive into the merchant site. Moreover, on the visitor converting into a buyer you get a share of the profits too.

Affiliate marketing can be compared to referral business. However, in affiliate marketing where the affiliate business is based on website promotion and website traffic, you as an affiliate can make money online based on the fixed value for each visit (Pay-per-click), registrant (Pay-per-lead), or commission against a sale (Pay-per-Sale).
Before you set out on affiliate marketing, it is indispensable that you first do your research as to what kind of businesses which benefit your more to make money online in affiliate business. Most importantly, you should choose to do business with merchants who have similar business as your website’s theme.

This is necessary because a customer can rely on an affiliate business or website if it promotes related product as its own theme. If your affiliate marketing venture is on obesity and weight loss, it is obligatory that you associate with an online venture to make money online with a merchant selling weight loss drugs, such as online pharmacy.
If you are convinced that affiliate marketing can be a profitable way to make money online, Its time you do your research on the best affiliate business and work harder and smarter.



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Affiliate Marketing is the HOTEST thing in the world of internet
marketing. That is where the majority of the money is located. The best way to
grab a chunk of that is by joining them. Affiliate Marketing has the ability of
turning an inexperienced person into one that could generate hundreds of
dollars per day. Why is it that? Well Affiliate Marketing has only to do with one
thing, which is “Creativity”. Remember that word for the rest of your life, as
long as you keep applying “Creativity” with Affiliate Marketing, you will

The very first thing that we have to do is sign up for an affiliate network,
the one that I am recommending is ComissionJunction. Why? Well I know that
many people dislike them because of the lake of support or inflexible payment
terms, but did you ever take a look to see how many offer’s they have? They are
one of the only affiliate networks with that many offers, which is exactly what we
like. Registering should be a piece of cake, you usually get accepted

NOTE: You must enter your sites when registering for CJ, make sure to only
enter your quality sites, if you don’t have a site or not a good one, then pick a
random good site you find on the web.
There are several offers that are great for the method I’ll be teaching you, apply
for these offers:
CallWave: Internet Answering Machine & Fax-To-Email ($7 for Free Lead)
WebEx: Online Meetings & Remote PC Control ($10 for Free Lead)
Those are fine enough. Get accepted by both of those advertisers.


It’s time for me to tell you how this method will be working.
Basically we are going to be falsely presenting ourselves as large company by
using Ghost Mailers like DeadFake. We will have the person believe that we
want to get in touch with them, so we tell them to sign up on two sites. Those
two sites will be the two affiliate offers that we dug up from CJ. The person who
is most likely computer illiterate will believe the email actually came from that
huge company and will sign up on those offers, fetching you a quick $17. But
where do you find these people, well I’ll be guiding you with that also.
PDF Created with deskPDF PDF Writer – Trial :: http://www.docudesk.com
we will use these sites:
What does each and every one of these links have in common? Well they are all a
platform for finding employers and employees.
First of all, let’s begin with the freelance sites. I most recommended starting with
GetaFreeLancer, since it is most populated. Your goal is to recover as many email
addresses as possible. But how would you do that? Let me show you a sample
project post:

” Hey there!,
We are a very large company in the making and we are looking to hire people
with every kind of skill level. All the way from copywriters to designers. We
need everyone! So if you have an account on GetaFreeLancer then contacts us!
We pay a minimum of $13/hr for any job, the harder the job is, the longer the
work. We need workers who are willing to work for 3-4 hours per day, we have
very flexible payment options, we will pay with whatever payment method you
want. We pay weekly. So like I said, if you are interested in becoming an
employee of our company, then do contact us and leave your email address.
Unfortunately we can ONLY hire you if you are located in the USA. If you are
not located in the USA, then we CANNOT hire you.

So what’s going to happen? Well you will be flooded with PM’s. Since you
will get contacted by all types of freelancers, you will get killer amount of emails.
When you make an account on GetaFreeLancer, make sure to sign up for Gold
Membership which costs $10 a month, this will increase the amount of emails
you’ll get. Plus when posting the project, make it a featured project, so it would
appear above all other results. In general, get the biggest promotion you can for
this project. If done correctly, and you are a gold member plus used featured
project option, then within 7 days, you will have over 2,000 USA Emails.

Let’s skip of to the job sites now. The job sites I provided you with are
mostly filled with resumes. You can register for free and view the people’s
resume, and get their email address. So, this makes the work much easier, since
you get the email address right away, so not much to go into detail here.
Jobvertise is the best free resume site that I personally found. The types of
resumes you want to be searching for are one’s that are related anything to
business. Anything from Internet Marketing to even Lawyers. Resumes from
Doctors or Constructions won’t be useful.

So now that we have all these email addresses, what do we do?

Let’s begin with the getafreelancer email addresses. First thing first, we
will go onto the ghost mail site that I provided several pages back. We will make
a email that looks like this:

To: (One of the email addresses you got from getafreelancer)
From: job@getafreelancer.com
First of all, we must say thank you using GetaFreeLancer for your usage. We have
been keeping tracking of the skill level you posses and the experience you have and we
realize that you would be a perfect candidate for a job position for GetaFreeLancer. We
are always looking for new individuals to join our force. Now the paper work is already
on the way and you should receive it within 3-4 days, which you will sign. Once signed,
we will hold a conference with you on the way things are run at GetaFreeLancer.
For the time being, we ask that each and every one of our employers have a free account
CallWave affiliate url
WebEx affiliate url
Since both of them are large sponsors of GetaFreeLancer, so in return we make sure that
all our employees have a free account on both of them.
So please sign up with our two sponsors for the time being, in 3-4 days, you will
receive the papers.
We would again want to congratulate you on becoming a candidate for
GetaFreeLancer Team

There you have it, send an email like that to all your email address from
GetaFreeLancer. There is a very high chance that the people will sign up for both of those
offers, earning you $17 per person.

You would do the same exact thing with the job sites, just make it look like the
email is coming from the job site domain, you should have the same effects as from the
freelance site.
So, what did I teach you? I just taught a very effective way of getting free sign
up’s for your affiliate url with no experience in the affiliate business at all. This method
can be accustomed so easily to fit any other situation and that the possibility’s of this
method is unlimited.

$400 Investment

I recommended one very good job sites that has many many pages of new
resumes per day. The site is HotResumes. But, you have to pay $400 a year for
access. But, every single day, over 5,000 new resumes appear, so imagine how
many email addresses you can gather again. All you have to do is form an email
and make the email from email look like its coming from HotResumes, and
BAM, the money will come flowing in. This will also greatly decrease the time
spent in finding email addresses, since you will have them all in the same place.

Other Ideas
I’m going to give you a few more ideas on how you can use it. Let’s take
for example a dating site. Make an account on a dating site and gather as many
email addresses as possible by speaking to others. Then act as the dating site, and
send the people an email stating that for 2 weeks, the dating site your currently
signupped with is under constructions and to join these 3. And you would list 3
other dating sites with your referrals url. This is another very easy way to grab
$6-$8 a person.

Find a forum or platform where cars are sold online. Gather email
addresses. Send an email to them using the sites domain in the email and tell
them you want to buy the site wants to buy the car themselves and to get quotes
from these 3 sites; and to come back to you with the details. The 3 sites would be
your affiliate urls promoting car quotes. That would get you about $25 per

What you just learned is extremely effective in concurring the affiliate
market. As you start getting better with this method, other tactics will come to
you naturally, and that it when you will be hitting the thousand mark per day.

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