Bad Bad Bad News For Adwords Users

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Here comes the NEW POLICY from Google.

Google adwords has now changed its policy and would only allow the users who run their ad campaign to use the same display and destination url…

If you ask me, this is a little bit disturbing, as the destination url can no longer be hidden.

Any comments? Do you think this will change anything as to how you run your ads?

Will this affect affiliate marketing?

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Targeted PPC Advertising | 7 Best Ways to Advance in PPC Advertising

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The way of advertising over the internet has evolved and many forms of advertising has come into presence. The main way still among the others is the Pay Per Click way of advertising. As the name implies the advertiser has to pay a fixed amount for each of the clicks that are done over his advertising area, which leads to his website/product. The PPC scheme can be used in an effective way if we concentrate on the following aspects of it…

1. The PPC advertisements have more probability of being clicked is the ads are placed in a relevant website and in relevant context. So analyze and identify the best place to place your ads before placing them.

2. The PPC demands a per click payment so make sure that a visitor from your links is changed into a customer, and he produces some income to you by buying your product.

3. The web site you have linked should be designed in such a way that it is upto the expectations of the target visitors. Take the comments and suggestions from the visitors and use them in a productive manner in improving the availability of links and the website as a whole.

4. The PPC advertisements should showcase the product and its usefulness and uniqueness in a crisp and clear manner.

5. Make use of the PPC programs offered by the most reputed firms like Google’s Adsense etc.

6. The statistical analysis of the ads and their usage analysis has to be done periodically and PPC ads are to be improved upon accordingly.

7. The PPC ads are to be updated and improved upon as the product is updated.

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