Blogging for Money

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With the new hype everywhere being blogging, why not take the lunge that so many in front of you have already taken. If you are serious about making money online, then this article is built for you. First off you are going to need to decide on what your blog will be about, if you can’t think of anything don’t worry about it just do a personal blog. You can take the topic of a personal blog in any direction you want. Something you will need right off the bat is a catchy domain, and hosting for the domain.

Once you have your domain you can either design your own blog, or download one of many different templates, from various companies. The main thing in this step is getting the blog ready for content, because content is where the money will be made. With so many blogs published you don’t want to have the same boring information everyone else has, instead you want unique content. After you have a few subscribers and lots of visitors its time to start adding the money making tools. I for one use Google Adsense and a few affiliate programs. I make money every time a visitor clicks my ads, or buy’s my affiliate’s product. The key to high clicks on your ads and product offering is traffic. Without traffic the blog is nothing and there is no opportunity to make money online. So before you get carried away trying to make money online, make sure you have the content, and reader base to move forth.