Do not buy any e-book to make money

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We all know what we`re looking for its called money and people do whatever they can do to earn money.

One of the most used tactic is to sell e-books which in fact no value at all. I can hear some of you say that this is wrong i`ve learned lots of good information from e-books then you`re the %0.01 who can make money from anything.

Top 5 Reasons For My Claim

1 _ They always tell you that they make hundereds or thousands even millions from their e-book but why do they sell it for 10$ ?

2 _ They never tell you something about the ebook because they know that they are selling useless information in it.

3 _ They usually target people with no experience at all and work as a group, they back each other to sell their e-books.

4 _ Some of them use very high prices and tell that for a very limited people or limited copies, these are all lies, they will sell it until the end of the world.

5 _ If you buy their e-books you wont earn any good money at all but believe me they will earn loads of money.

So What will you do ?

Do not trust so called gurus ever, do not trust anyone who is selling e-books.

Work hard, try to search the web and you`ll find what you want.

Learn coding, advertising and things like that to boost your online and offline earning capacity.

Remember that you can sell e-books to make money nothing is wrong with that.

Good Luck.