Building backlinks part II

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Building backlinks has become one of the easiest and effective ways to actually promote and publicize your site. It also makes the site more search engine – friendly, thereby making it more user – friendly.
First of all, we need to explore the question as to what are backlinks. They basically refer to all the incoming links into your site. In rather simpler terms, its effectively a link from another site to yours.
The first question that comes to your mind would be that ‘what is the need of having such BACKLINKS?’. These backlinks help you popularize your site in more than one way. The more the number of backlinks, the greater is the inbound traffic. And there’s your site set on the path to fame. Building backlinks also helps improve your, what is called, ‘Search Engine Ranking’… for instance GOOGLE PAGERANK. If you have a high search engine ranking, then your site feautures a little higher in the search results page, again directly influencing the inbound traffic to your site.
The best way to increase backlinks is to have directory or blog submissions. There is a good chance that you will never have much inbound traffic from these directory or blog sites, but it still helps you increase your search engine ranking.
If your write up features some good content, then you might make it to some social networking sites, and these sites will not only improve your PAGERANK, but also increase traffic volume to your site, predominantly because these sites are ‘social’.
But the most important point to remember for this whole community is that ‘Quality content gets noticed’ and there is nothing that can supplement good quality content. Also quality content gets a large number of large number of natural backlinks. So, the bottom line is that good content is primary. Other factors can only substantiate it.


Building backlinks

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Building backlinks …

Before we start on them, its important to know what backlinks are and what are they for, Isn’t it? Backlinks exclusively refer to the inbound links on a website or a web page. These backlinks generally prove to be a fair indicator of the site’s popularity and importance. It is also fairly obvious that a large number of quality backlinks are a necessity for success of a search engine optimization, or what we call SEO.
This raises the obvious question as to what is SEO then. Search Engine Optimization basically relates to improving the quality and volume of the traffic that is visiting your site, being directed through search engines, where your prospective visitor enters ‘certain targeted keywords’. The number of backlinks that a site has is often used by various search engines to determine the Search Engine Ranking of that particular web page. Having a high Search Engine Ranking would ensure that the web page would feature at an earlier stage in a particular search result. This ascertains that building backlinks is of prime importance.
There could be plenty of backlinks coming your way in a natural manner, but it is always advised to maximize the number of backlinks for your website or your web page. NEVER BE CONTENT with the number of backlinks that you have…That’s the mantra.
The very first step in building backlinks is to find a few places from where you can get quality backlinks. That is, some sites which want some content to be posted on their site. All you need to do at these sites is to post some content for them, along with a link to your web site. And there you have it…your very own BACKLINK. THEY need content, and YOU need publicity, hence it’s a win-win situation for all.
They are certain illegitimate practices in vying for quality backlinks that you should refrain from. Those being inter-linking (what we call link farms) and many other ways, that one should not resort to at any cost.

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