List of reliable US drop shippers—Make Money On Ebay

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List of reliable US drop shippers

A lot of people have no idea of what drop shipping is and how drop ship wholesalers can help people make money online. So I think I should explain a little about drop shipping before I go on to the list.

A drop ship wholesaler is a wholesale company allowing you to sell a range of products of the company without even touching the products. You don’t need to pay money to purchase goods in bulk from the drop ship wholesalers. You just place an ad on ebay or display products pictures on your online store. When a customer pays you to order a product, you’ll then pay the drop ship wholesale company at wholesale price for the product and the drop ship company will package and ship the product on your name to your customer.

Drop ship wholesalers have been widely used by ebay sellers. If you plan to start using a drop ship company for your ebay business. You got to make sure that the drop ship company is reliable.

I have compiled a list of drop ship companies that you can use to start making money on ebay. Some of these companies are recommended by ebay sellers, experienced Internet marketer and bloggers. They are real company. But before you start dealing with any of them, you should do some research on the company to find out the company background, their reputation, history record and comments from people who have used the company.

http://www.doba.com (have good reputation, Supplying a list of retailed products)

http://bodysoulelements.com (natural bath and body products)

http://www.cwrelectronics.com (electronics wholesale dropshipper)

http://www.dragondistributing.com (Car Audio Products, Home Theater Products)

http://www.moteng.com/Home (knives, flashlights, security equipment, and outdoor products.)

http://www.raxusa.com (skateboard products)

http://www.smcorp.com (gifts, collectible toys, novelty items)

http://www.dbldistributing.com (electronics and electronics accessories)


Strategies to Make Money on eBay

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Many of you must have traded through eBay quite a number of time, either for buying or selling items. But, are you sure that you have been able to make money on eBay as much as you should have? After all eBay is all about profits and making money.

eBay in the recent times have been the source of income for thousands of people worldwide. And, the recent statistics of ebay trading $52 billion worth of merchandise in the previous year is atestimony of the popularity of its services. If you are contemplating serious business from eBay, then I think it’s time you know how to find your niche on eBay.

Business experts opine that to make money on eBay, you need to choose wisely on what to sell on eBay, understand your niche market and make business profitably. You must have seen people sell almost anything and everything on eBay from handkerchiefs to iPods. But, if you want to profitably make money on eBay, then it is imperative that you auction products that are unusual and rare to find.

Displaying rare items on eBay can help you get a better deal and price, in comparison to common items of daily use. I have seen a number of times when people auction haunted items on eBay. Now, that is disputable is the items auctioned are truly haunted or not. However, they definitely find probable buyers who are on the lookout for collectible on the Net.

Another, impressive way to make money on eBay is to keep a low cost on display and choose an interesting title for your items. While low affordable cost will lure buyers towards your competitively priced item on eBay, an interesting title for your displayed item with words like ‘rare’, ‘interesting’ and ‘unusual’ can definitely see buyers line up for your item; sealing your fortune.

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