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This has to be by far the easiest way to make money with Ebay. I have researched it and even tried this awhile back and IT WORKS. Since I do not promote bs, nor affiliate links, this is straight to the point , “even a cave man can do it”.

Without any of the “expensive” ebook covers, here is the method:

Go to Amazon.com and sign up as an affiliate ( free account).

Go to Ebay wanted: http://pages.ebay.com/wantitnow/.

(Here you’ll see what people are interested in buying. This is the best audience you can ask for, it is targeted).

Do a little research in google and find the approximate competition based on that product. The less competition, the easier it will be to MAKE SOME SERIOUS CASH.

Open up an adwords account ( free again).

Then setup an account with adwords, based on that product(s). make sure to be extremely precise when it comes to the campaign. Don’t target any additional keywords, it will be a waste of your adwords money.

That’s it. Go make some serious cash.

P.S. Anybody tried this yet?


List of reliable US drop shippers—Make Money On Ebay

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List of reliable US drop shippers

A lot of people have no idea of what drop shipping is and how drop ship wholesalers can help people make money online. So I think I should explain a little about drop shipping before I go on to the list.

A drop ship wholesaler is a wholesale company allowing you to sell a range of products of the company without even touching the products. You don’t need to pay money to purchase goods in bulk from the drop ship wholesalers. You just place an ad on ebay or display products pictures on your online store. When a customer pays you to order a product, you’ll then pay the drop ship wholesale company at wholesale price for the product and the drop ship company will package and ship the product on your name to your customer.

Drop ship wholesalers have been widely used by ebay sellers. If you plan to start using a drop ship company for your ebay business. You got to make sure that the drop ship company is reliable.

I have compiled a list of drop ship companies that you can use to start making money on ebay. Some of these companies are recommended by ebay sellers, experienced Internet marketer and bloggers. They are real company. But before you start dealing with any of them, you should do some research on the company to find out the company background, their reputation, history record and comments from people who have used the company.

http://www.doba.com (have good reputation, Supplying a list of retailed products)

http://bodysoulelements.com (natural bath and body products)

http://www.cwrelectronics.com (electronics wholesale dropshipper)

http://www.dragondistributing.com (Car Audio Products, Home Theater Products)

http://www.moteng.com/Home (knives, flashlights, security equipment, and outdoor products.)

http://www.raxusa.com (skateboard products)

http://www.smcorp.com (gifts, collectible toys, novelty items)

http://www.dbldistributing.com (electronics and electronics accessories)

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