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The biggest revolution of all time has arrived… and the saddest part is that people don’t even know about it. Or if they do, they are not able to differentiate between hype and genuine sites. Why, is the question? And the main reason behind this is that the first few links that can be seen on performing a search for ‘making money online’ are those kind of links that either present you with a chance to win money, or reward you points that can be redeemed for gift items at certain select online sites.
It is exactly these kind of sites that leave you with a sour taste in the mouth, or rather put in more conventional terms, leave you with a bad impression of this ever-growing industry. A phenomenon that single handedly carries the potential to revolutionize the way in which people earn.
When people started talking about the internet revolution, it was always viewed more as a communications and information sharing setup. But little did people know that internet carries with it not only its own future, but the future of every industry on mother earth. Internet carries with it tremendous oppurtunites not only to communicate, but also to earn money and make a living .
There are various ways to make money online. Some of the methods endorsed on various portals need a sizable investment, but then these methods will also furnish quick results, and sizable results, if your particular undertaking really takes off. It is these undertakings that can be called ‘potential risks’. Most of the geuine methods to earn money online do not really need any decent investment. All you need is a computer and a fast internet connection, and there you are on your way to “NETMONEYLAND”.
To do well in this field, you need not have any special skills such as marketing or the ability to persuade people. All you need is to do whatever you have undertaken with diligence and perseverance and ‘THE RESULTS SHALL FOLLOW SUIT’


Is Your Domain Name Just Perfect?

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Is Your Domain Name Just Perfect?

You have finally set up your own business. You have managed to attract some clients and have made them into potential long-time customers. You have just started earning a few bucks since that big amount of money you shelled out last year. Now, what can you do to improve your customer service, attract new business, and make your company become more visible to the market, which could mean more bucks for you? Set up a domain name.

However, you think you’re way ahead in the game. You have already registered a domain name and you feel that there’s nothing else you can do to make sure that it helps your company’s web presence. Well, are you sure that your domain name is already the best?

Domain names are considered as the “human-friendly” form of IP addresses or Internet addresses. They are vital to any online company for profit and additional market visibility. They can easily be the reason for your company to fail or to succeed so choosing the best one should be a primary concern for you. It is definitely a crucial Internet marketing strategy that you should utilize.

It has been recently reported that there are already 12.8 million websites, with this number still growing. This means that coming up with a domain name that would stick may require extensive planning. And how can you be sure that the domain name you already have is already a good one? Here are some tips that you might want to take note of:

1. The best extension is still .com for online businesses since it usually sounds more credible for a lot of people. However, since the .com domain names have already been filling up, you might have a hard time being able to register for one that is the most suitable and yet available. There are other viable extensions if your desired .com name is no longer available which would still be good: .net, .org, .biz, .info and a lot others. Also, if the business is based or is accessible in only one country, you can use the country’s extension.

2. Another important thing is to make sure that your domain name is relevant to the products or services your business offers. You also have to make sure that it contains key words or phrases that are generic. This is so that your website would appear on the top results when people search for keywords in search engines. Making your domain name generic will still obtain better ranking in search engines if you compare them to optimized websites. If you already have a company name, you might want to try to use that but also include the products or services that you are selling. However, limit your domain name to 2 or 3 words.

3. Keeping a short yet sharp domain name ensures more customers being able to remember your website. However, since the top-level domains such as .com and .net are being used up, finding a short domain name has become even harder.  Try to use words that have not been overused by most websites. Short and new words that would be able to keep your domain name easy to remember and easy to type. Try to limit the length to 13 to 15 characters. It should never be 30 characters long as having too long domain names ups the chances of people misspelling them.

4. Having hyphenated domain names confuse people. This is because the brain tends to focus on the letters and not on the symbols, making hyphenated domain name easier to forget. Hyphenated domain names are usually the result when the desired domain name is already unavailable. For example, getgreen.com becomes get-green.com. If this is the case, you will be better off having a completely different word for your domain name.

5.Try to avoid using numbers in your domain name, which can also cause confusion. If you have to use a number, don’t forget to register the written and the numerical versions. For example, register both fourcards.com and 4cards.com.

6. It also helps to be more creative in your domain name. Using alternative and interesting words would make sure that your domain name is unique. And a thesaurus will help you with this.

7. Using expired domain names may also provide you with more customers. You may be able to turn the customers of that old website into your customers. You might be surprised that there may just be one that is suitable for your business.

8. You may also opt to create a domain name, which is a little similar to other existing domain names. This may be a good way of getting traffic into your website. “Hit and miss browsers”, if you will. Or you can use the same name of another domain, but use a different extension.

Registering a domain name today for is easy and cheap. Making your domain name catchy and popular so that customers and visitors will be able to remember it is a bit harder, but achievable. Keep in mind that your company’s domain name is its first step in establishing the credibility and interest with its visitors. Aside from the outlined tips you’ve read, try to be unique, creative. Use your imagination. Having a domain name that sounds fun yet functional like Yahoo! Or Google will surely benefit you in the long run.

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