Matt Cutts Is The Bomb

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    Matt Cutts – The pioneer in cracking down on link spams. This hip GEN NEXT software engineer has been instrumental in carrying forward this entire crackdown on link spams and the enforcement of the Webmaster Guidelines, on behalf of Google. Matt joined the GOOGLE group in January 2000. Prior to that, he was working on his PhD (which he did not complete) in Computer Graphics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.



         Before he embarked on his stint with Google, he had been employed by the Department of Defense, with top clearance. And he had also worked in a game engine company, primarily owing to his unfinished PhD in computer graphics.

While working on his PhD, his curriculum compelled him to do a couple of courses outside his syllabus. One of them happened to be related to Search Engines and its optimization. This is where his infatuation with search engines took off, and that is where he was destined to be.



       Matt now works in the QUALITY group in GOOGLE that specializes exclusively in Search Engine Optimization. He also worked extensively on improving the safesearch abilities of Google. He was also involved with the ad engineering group within Google.



           He was of the firm view that while hiring a Search Engine Optimization, the first and the most critical aspect to look for is the references, and see whether the concerned persons are ready to declare their results or not. As an expert ‘Search’ engineer and a person who knows the search algorithms inside out, his is the first word that we ought to take into account.



         Cutts is also famous for being known as the ‘Porn Cookie Guy’, because he gave away the cookies made by his wife to any person using Google, who pointed out unwanted porn in the search result.



         All in all, MATT CUTTS has become an iconic figure as far as Search Engines are concerned. And he still has a long way to go!!!!!!


Matt cutts is Offered $500,000.00 …watch video

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Thought this video was pretty funny. So, a guy offers Matt Cutts $500,000 for a number 1 ranking in Google.

Can you guess how Matt responded?

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