Microsoft Supports Toshiba

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Toshiba is one of the biggest companies that believe in the HD-DVD format and they are refusing to give up the fight to Sony’s Blu-ray. The movie companies Paramount and Universal also supports HD-DVD, and it has now been announced that also Microsoft will support HD DVD at lest for Xbox 360.


Microsoft claims that the HD-DVD format gives the beast quality for the lowest price.


             However, Warner Bros and most other companies have decided that they will only be using Blu-ray for their coming movies. The format war is still not over after all but Blu-ray clearly attracts more customers and companies then the HD-DVD


XP sold better than VISTA

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After Vista has been one the marked for a year it has sold less copies then XP did when it first came out.


               When Bill Gates were bragging about that Microsoft had sold over 100 million copies of Vista, he also revealed that Vista actually sold less then XP. According to the new numbers that was presented at CES in Las Vegas on Sunday, 67% of new computers sold for different merchandises still use XP and only 39% uses Vista.


             There was sold 255 million computers with pre-installed Windows XP but only 132 million computers with pre-Installed Windows Vista. However after 2009 Windows is planning to stop producing XP and only concentrate on Vista and the coming Windows 7.