Money Hungry

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       I thought this was a great picture. The hungry tiger, willing to go in for a swim in order to get some food. That’s exactly where I stand: I am willing to get deep into the waters and try to make money online.


Last week I tried the power of Craigslist, but came out just short. I will be trying again soon, very soon. I am also in the process of building more back links, naturally. I think I finally came across a neat trick that is going to work. Don’t know it till I try it.

 I will keep everybody posted. Also, a big”Thank You” to my loyal readers.

Love and peace.



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This has to be by far the easiest way to make money with Ebay. I have researched it and even tried this awhile back and IT WORKS. Since I do not promote bs, nor affiliate links, this is straight to the point , “even a cave man can do it”.

Without any of the “expensive” ebook covers, here is the method:

Go to Amazon.com and sign up as an affiliate ( free account).

Go to Ebay wanted: http://pages.ebay.com/wantitnow/.

(Here you’ll see what people are interested in buying. This is the best audience you can ask for, it is targeted).

Do a little research in google and find the approximate competition based on that product. The less competition, the easier it will be to MAKE SOME SERIOUS CASH.

Open up an adwords account ( free again).

Then setup an account with adwords, based on that product(s). make sure to be extremely precise when it comes to the campaign. Don’t target any additional keywords, it will be a waste of your adwords money.

That’s it. Go make some serious cash.

P.S. Anybody tried this yet?

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