Microsoft Supports Toshiba

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Toshiba is one of the biggest companies that believe in the HD-DVD format and they are refusing to give up the fight to Sony’s Blu-ray. The movie companies Paramount and Universal also supports HD-DVD, and it has now been announced that also Microsoft will support HD DVD at lest for Xbox 360.


Microsoft claims that the HD-DVD format gives the beast quality for the lowest price.


             However, Warner Bros and most other companies have decided that they will only be using Blu-ray for their coming movies. The format war is still not over after all but Blu-ray clearly attracts more customers and companies then the HD-DVD


Windows Open for Attack

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Microsoft has released a critical security update for Windows XP and Vista, plus a less critical update for Windows 2000 and Server 2003.


* MS08-001 – Fixes a lesser error in Windows 2000 and Server 2003. If you do not have this update an attacker can take over parts of your computer system.


* MS08-002 – Fixes a critical error which makes attackers take control over your TCP/IP then the attacker could send you damaging data packages.


           These holes are very dangerous for both Microsoft and the Windows users. However the problem is now solved and you are on safe grounds again. If you still haven’t gotten the update, they are all available with the Windows Update facility.


             Microsoft has been attacked many times before but this time it was really critical and thanks to good and fast workers in Microsoft you will now be safe again with the new updates.