Make Money Online: What Not to Do

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You have probably read many articles on what to do to make money online, but perhaps not too many on what not to do. This article will discuss the latter.


1. Don’t Purchase Every New “System”: Don’t be naïve. The “gurus” job online is to make money. If they have to sale you rehashed, water downed, half-truths to do so, then they will. So beware of all of the emails touting that they have the keys to the system that will finally get you over the hump and make you a millionaire. They will send you a new one each week. Ignore them. Create your own plan and stick to it. 


2. Don’t Burn Bridges: So much money can be made online by simply working together. Thousands of dollars can be made very quickly with a lucrative joint venture. When you can help someone or work with them, try your best to do so. You never know who you may come across.


3. Don’t Be Easily Discouraged: The only thing constant regarding internet marketing is change. So don’t be discouraged if you are going through a rough patch. Instead, try to diversify your income streams so that you are never hit too hard all at once.


4. Don’t Get Distracted: This is closely tied to rule number one, “Don’t purchase every new system.” But you can get distracted by other things, such as trying to do too much at once. Limit the different types of businesses you are trying to juggle at once. You’ll end up doing a better job and making more money in the end.


5. Don’t Quit Your Job Too Soon: Be sure that you are consistently making an income that you are comfortable with before you quit your job. Otherwise you will end up frustrated, distressed and desperate.


There you have it, five things that you should not do if you want to make money online. Abide by these and save yourself a lot of trouble, heartache and money.