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It seems as if there was another Titanic incident lately. During the Christmas holiday period, a Norwegian cruise ship which was carrying more than 300 people lost its engine power during an electrical outage and subsequently struck a glacier in the Antarctic. The accident, however, was virtually without incident as the only thing injured was a lifeboat. All passengers and crew remained safe.The MS Fram hit the iceberg lace on Friday. Once the incident was over, the engine started right up again, and the ship once again cruised the ocean, heading to King George Island for a thorough inspection. Not exactly Just like the Titanic, but along the same lines nonetheless.When the Fram dropped anchor near Chile’s Eduardo Frei Base on King George Island, all passengers were reported to be fine and only minimal damage was done to the ship itself. Passengers were alerted to head to the above deck area when the electricity on the ship failed and the Fram started to drift backward. Some passengers actually reported seeing the iceberg before the ship struck it on the starboard side. You can imagine their feeling of dejavue, particular if they had previously watched Titanic. It was reported that a jarring impact bent the railing on the starboard side and buckled the lifeboat that was hanging from the side of the ship. That was basically all the damage that was done. After the captain and crew ensured that all the passengers were not harmed and checked the ship for damages, the captain then offered free drinks on the house. The MS Fram takes passengers through the southern hemisphere in order to give them a glimpse of glaciers, icebergs, penguins and various breeds of seals. In what could have been a tragic incident, as with the November 24th episode in which the MS Explorer suffered the same fate, only to sink hours later, the MS Fram and her passengers were greeted with quite a Christmas miracle

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